About Us

Magdalen Medical Publishing was established by an expert editorial team with a rich heritage in producing engaging medical communications for healthcare professionals.

We believe in providing open-access scientific and medical information to a global audience. Expanding scientific conversation across online platforms and social channels allows valuable expert insight and opinion to be obtained from the whole multi-disciplinary medical community, improve global understanding of clinical challenges and result in better quality of care for patients.

In line with this, our preferred media is short-form video content, which improves the accessibility and understanding of scientific and medical content.

Our world-leading online video journals cover a range of pathologies, including hemonc, oncology and dementia. We are dedicated to providing busy healthcare professionals with trustworthy, cutting-edge updates in their field in an accessible manner across a range of digital platforms.

With committees of independent world-leading experts, our international editorial boards provide expert editorial advice to direct the content of our journals.

There is a need for ongoing conversation and debate involving all stakeholders, including professionals, societies, patients and educational channels. Rapid publishing and interaction through social platforms allows us to be central in the channeling of this 360° conversation.

Charlie Grieve image
Charlie Grieve
Esther Drain image
Esther Drain
General Manager
Jennifer Turner image
Jennifer Turner
Miranda Lopez image
Miranda Lopez
Content and Digital Marketing Executive
Esteban Sepulveda image
Esteban Sepulveda
Medical Writer
Adam Price-Evans image
Adam Price-Evans
Senior Editor
Tom Southgate image
Tom Southgate
Marta Palhas image
Marta Palhas
Solyana Yohannes image
Solyana Yohannes
Juliet Lawrence image
Juliet Lawrence
Senior Editorial Executive
Simon Ng image
Simon Ng
Editorial Executive
Joshua Hatton image
Joshua Hatton
Junior Editorial Executive
Helena Gibbon image
Helena Gibbon
Junior Editorial Executive
Ellen Jackson image
Ellen Jackson
Junior Editorial Executive
Elitsa Kamberska  image
Elitsa Kamberska
Junior Editorial Executive
Anya Dragojlovic Kerkache  image
Anya Dragojlovic Kerkache
Junior Editorial Executive
Jenna Walsh image
Jenna Walsh
Senior Digital Project Manager
Andy Priteun image
Andy Priteun
Technical Project Manager
Maj Jukic image
Maj Jukic
Film Editor/Producer
Dev Hargovan image
Dev Hargovan
Partnerships Manager
Bea Reynolds image
Bea Reynolds
Medical Events Project Manager
Stephanie Best image
Stephanie Best
Senior Grants Administrator
Blanka Awtani image
Blanka Awtani
Junior Grants Administrator/ Research Assistant