Helping maximise your reach and engagement with healthcare professionals

Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer the opportunity for companies to sponsor content to be featured in our journals and help them reach a wider audience. From educational meeting coverage and data presentation, to advertising and email alerts, we will work with you to find a communication solution.

Our expert editorial team can create mentally and visually stimulating content to communicate important messages, which together with our strong digital presence and following enables maximum engagement with key audiences.

Expert interviews

Influential experts update our audience on important medical topics and data

Debates and roundtables

Explore a more challenging clinical debate with a panel of influential experts

Session coverage

Broadcast your educational sessions to a wider audience


Develop an informative educational video to educate healthcare professionals on important topics, or raise awareness of particular medical challenges


A landing page for comprehensive coverage of data announcements, including an oral presentation, video and slides, additional educational videos, key figures and a press-release style description of the trial results

Sponsored campaign hub

Combine multiple posters, satellite sessions and educational videos from a meeting or campaign so that healthcare professionals have easy access to all of your campaign materials

Digital feature article

A custom media-rich editorial feature on a particular topical subject


An online e-learning module that can be accredited with a partner society. E-learning gives the chance for healthcare professionals to put their learning into practice


Sponsored podcast can be made available for healthcare professionals to download and listen to on the go

Advertising space

We can create adverts for specific areas of our website or audiences to drive traffic to your campaigns

Targeted e-mails

We can develop a co-branded email and send it to a specific target audience

Social media campaigns

We have a significant social media reach, and can develop campaigns to help drive traffic to sponsored content