In order to support the dissemination of high-quality medical education and information online, we partner with a number of societies to support the digital dissemination of medical content to their audiences.

Please contact our team if you would like to explore how we can partner with you or your society to provide better quality content to healthcare professionals, or if you are looking for our support to reach our own audiences in oncology, hematology and dementia.

Our Partners
Medical Education Support

We are dedicated to providing busy healthcare professionals with trustworthy, cutting-edge updates in their field in an accessible manner.
We seek funding support from industry partners, research organisations and charities for channel development and ongoing medical education. Through IME grants or hands-off medical sponsorship, we can continue to provide the highest quality content to our audience with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes through online scientific exchange and medical education.
If you who like more information on how to support one or more of the channels or wish to discuss other educational programs, please contact us.