Editorial Board and Team

Our journals are advised on by world-leading experts. Each journal board is comprised of experts both from across the globe and across a wide range of pathologies. This provides international expertise and insight, and allows us to provide incisive and current scientific information of the highest quality to our audiences.

The MMP editorial teams strives to ensure that all content is objective, accurate and relevant so that the integrity of the journals is maintained. MMP reviews all content to ensure it meets our expectations with regard to quality, scientific accuracy and purpose, and that it meets industry best-practice guidelines.


We pride ourselves on providing trustworthy and balanced content. MMP is committed to the ethical, accurate, complete and transparent reporting of scientific and medical research.

Our content is evidence-based, created with our audience in mind, and scientifically reviewed in-house to ensure quality and accuracy.

We firmly believe that improving healthcare requires the provision of trustworthy, current, open-access and stimulating content, which we are dedicated to providing to our audiences.

Editorial Criteria

The criteria for publication of content in MMP journals are:

  • It must be of educational medical value
  • It must be informative to a healthcare professional audience
  • It must be representative of the views of the expert contributing
  • Its topic is considered of interest to our audience
Editorial Review Process
Editorial Review Process image

This Editorial Review Process enables us to publish new information rapidly (for example during coverage of scientific meetings), while also allowing us to escalate any specific concerns over a piece to senior experts in the field.

Our Editorial Team oversees all of the content that we produce in order to ensure that our publications are balanced and unbiased.

If a concern is escalated to our Editorial Board, we will select reviewers based on the following criteria:

  • Appropriate expertise in the subject matter to be reviewed
  • Independence from any associated companies or products to ensure an unbiased view
  • Availability to assess the content in a timely manner
Advertorials, and content sponsored or directed by pharmaceutical companies

Any content created by or sponsored by a pharmaceutical company will be clearly labeled as such for any healthcare professional who views it. Company-sponsored or directed content must be deemed of interest to our audience and is published at the discretion of our editors.

Sponsored content should be reviewed and approved for accuracy and compliance by the sponsoring company before publication.

In the event that company-sponsored content is flagged as inappropriate by a member of the healthcare professional community, the editors will request an additional review by the company or put in place disclosure statements as thought necessary.